• The Saga of PLS by Gaston Sanchez.
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Preview Edition

This is now a preview of the first four chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. You’ve got to be kidding me
  3. A little bit about Partial Least Squares
  4. Commented Timeline
  5. The Econometrician
  6. The Philosopher of Science
  7. The Soft Modeler
  8. The Chemometrician
  9. The Renaissance of Herman’s PLS
  10. Critical Review
  11. Conclusions and Final Remarks
  12. References (preview chapters)


“Wonderful, beautiful text on PLS. I was, of course, pleased and flattered over the kind treatment of my father Herman and myself, and most impressed of the great coverage of all essential aspects of PLS, both path-PLS and PLS-regression.”

Svante Wold

“Greatly enjoyed The Saga of PLS.”

Nouna Kettaneh

“It’s a wonderful work.”

Michel Tenenhaus

“A fantastic reading… And Gaston is right, I don’t remember neither the question he asked me, nor the answer I gave him when he asked me about the PLS regressions within the PLS-PM algorithm.”

Tomàs Aluja

“Gaston has done a great job by writing this extremly interesting and useful book.”

Aida Eslami

“This is a magnificent work, clearly protraying the history and evolution of PLS.”

José Luis Roldán

“I just finished my first reading of The Saga of PLS, and I love it.”

Diogenes de Souza Bido

“This book brings fond memories of Herman Wold and J-B. Lohmoller who often visited the campus of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, while giving talks/seminars and enjoying musical performances by the Cleveland Orchestra.”

Nguyen Quan

“I read and reread The Saga of PLS. I’ve shared it with many members of the PLS community and it was incredibly well received by faculty around the world.”

Soumya Ray

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Saga of PLS… a very nice introduction to the rich history of PLS.”

Derek Beaton

“An admirable work, providing us with outstanding material about PLS, so hard to find elsewhere.”

Pablo Cáceres Serrano

“The Saga of PLS was a very good read.”

Age Johnsen